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The Moonah Bazaar Project

An exciting new initiative of CatholicCare’s Safe Haven Hub.

The objective of the Moonah Bazaar Project is two-fold:

  1. To establish a monthly community market in March 2021 which will showcase local multicultural products and services. Stallholders will include a minimum of six participants who complete the training program, as well as other CALD stallholders from the broader community.

  2. To support eight candidates to develop their own small business with the intention to launch at the Moonah Bazaar. These eight participants from CALD background will receive small business training.  Of these, six will receive additional coaching, mentoring and practical support they will need to develop their sustainable small business.

The Moonah Bazaar Project is funded under the Multicultural Grants Program 2020, and will be undertaken in collaboration with the Community Development Officer at the Multicultural Hub in Moonah. This is a well-known community space leased from Glenorchy City Council, and currently being managed by the Multicultural Council of Tasmania.

The Moonah Bazaar Project will engage with local multicultural communities, stakeholders, businesses and industry to collaborate on this exciting venture. It is intended the market will become self-sustaining and will ultimately be run ‘by the community, for the community’.

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